Hey Concrete

Turn your imagination into reality.

Born out of wonderment, HeyConcrete explores the unlimited fresh possibilities this ancient material hides in its imperfections.
Our exquisite range of bath fittings completes the lifestyle offering to customers across Mysore. The elegant look, quality & style of our faucet range is aligned with our ceramic collection and ensures that our loyal patrons need to search no more. A perfect setting for a rendezvous with class is finally here !

We do not hesitate to go beyond the basics and rebrand the industrial concrete as a luxurious material that balances artistry and technique, design and engineering.

Each step of the process is done by hand and watched over by attentive eyes. From the very beginning till packaging, a dedicated team takes part in the process of mixing, molding, grinding, selecting and treating the panels before they get to leave the factory. We’re here to change your perception about concrete by creating a gray something that evolves with you.

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